Vasiliki & Nikolaos

My name is Vasiliki. I’m a low-profile (shy could also be the word) Greek/Cypriot, born in France and now living in Belgium. I believe that little, kind, generous actions can change the world. I love my family, dancing, litterature, bicycles, chocolate, popcorn and discovering new places and things. I also love my husband, who is the best, always supporting me, including with this campaign 🙂 I was motivated to take part in the campaign #LesChercheursDair because the realisation of the whole project depended on the involvement of volunteers – therefore, I wanted to help and play my part in making it a success and delivering results. In addition, like many people, I am concerned about the quality of the air we all breathe, so I wanted to participate in an action which, among others, will raise awareness about the importance of the issue! Last but not least, I am interested in finding out more on the quality of the air that we breathe in my neighborhood, as well as the differences in air quality among various areas (e.g. my area vs. the city centre).