Who are we?

The non-profit organisation The air seekers gathers volunteers who want everybody (you, us, they) to be able to breathe healthy air in Brussels, which is far from being the case at the moment…

In order to achieve this

  • We are leading a citizen science project that aims at better understanding, and therefore better tackling, air pollution. Anyone can take part in this project by becoming an air seeker. Join us!
  • We are collaborating with public institutions (schools, libraries, etc.), citizens groups (parents, patients, etc.) and professionals (artists, researchers, etc.) to raise awareness among the general public about air pollution, as well as find solutions.
  • We organise events and actions to increase the visibility of this issue in the media and, as a result, spur our elected representatives to take concrete and ambitious measures as soon as possible.

You would like to help? Join us!