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I almost died. I was rushed to hospital with an asthma attack and respiratory failure and my cardiologist diagnosed me with pericarditis” because of air pollution, says Clotilde.

That’s when I realised that something had to be done. Somebody needed to talk about the harmful health effects of pollution.

Do you live in Brussels and do you, or does someone close to you, suffer physically from air pollution? Tell us your story!

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Why share your story?

Air pollution kills hundreds of people in Brussels every year by triggering or aggravating many respiratory (asthma, chronic bronchitis) and cardiovascular (hypertension, strokes) diseases.

Although some people have shared their stories, like Clotilde Nonnez above or Rosamund Adoo-Kissi-Debrah here, the harmful health effects of air pollution are still unknown to many citizens.

It is therefore essential to increase and promote the number of people sharing their stories and, through the use of concrete examples, talk about the significant effect that poor air quality can have on our health.

The more voices are heard, the faster measures can be taken to enable us to breathe clean air.

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Who can share his/her story?

We are looking for people living in Brussels whose health has been significantly affected by air pollution.

For example, if you or your child has had to go to A&E because of an asthma attack, bronchitis or pneumonia that occurred at the same time as a pollution peak. Here are some dates where pollution was particularly high in Brussels:

7 décembre 2020

27 novembre 2020

22 septembre 2020

16 septembre 2020

13 août 2020

24 avril 2020

19 avril 2020

26 juin 2019

19 mai 2019

2 mai 2019

17 avril 2019

09 avril 2019

08 avril 2019

31 mars 2019

23 mars 2019

1er mars 2019

28 février 2019

If you have a chronic disease that was probably caused or aggravated by air pollution, we are also interested in hearing from you!

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How can you share your story?

All you need to do is fill out this form before January 17th. We will suggest that some people do an interview (unfortunately we will not be able to select them all) so that we can make a video portrait. The other testimonials will be published, with your consent, in the form of photo portraits on our social media sites.

We promise not to share your information without your prior agreement.


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